November 2022

Research Heerlen-Noord

Marc and Nicole Maurer are teaching the Master Class ‘Transforming City Regions Integrated Project I’ at RWTH Aachen starting today. This semester the focus is on Heerlen-North. Students are making plans for this area, for which a National Program was recently established.

Guided Tour Gulpener Beer

On Oct. 16, Marc and Nicole Maurer gave a personal tour of the Gulpener Beer Brewery. The designs of the beer garden, brewhouse, and (Europe’s most sustainable) brewhouse were realized in different phases during the past years. The tour of the entire complex was well attended.

Open Day IBA Parkstad

Project Manager Rocky Hendrix of the Municipality of Heerlen explains the plans around the Roman Quarter during IBA Parkstad’s Open Day. Maurer United created the design of the public space in this area, which was a Roman settlement 2,000 years ago. The design is currently being realized.

Regiopolitan Rumble

Last Friday, Nicole Maurer gave a presentation at the IBA conference ‘Regiopolitan Rumble’. Maurer United’s SUPERLOCAL project is an IBA Parkstad best-practice project. It was a conference with inspiring contributions from Francesco Veenstra, LOLA Landscape Architects, and Christa Reicher, among others.

SUPERLOCAL vs. Green Deal

Today, European Commissioner Frans Timmermans – responsible for the European Green Deal – visited the SUPERLOCAL project. Low energy consumption, circular building, circular water system and social cohesion: are aspects, which have been addressed in this project in an integral and pioneering way.


In February, the SUPERLOCAL apartment block was completed and occupied. This project by Maurer United has 114 social housing units and already received the National Construction Award during construction in 2019 . Click here for a first impression of the new residents of this circular project.