Maurer United focuses on spatial design and research issues. Expert knowledge, imagination and forward-thinking are being combined in order to develop creative solutions.

  • Mission Statement

    The world faces major challenges. Climate, raw materials, biodiversity, inclusion, affordability and quality of life are key themes that introduce complex issues. In the spatial environment, these issues come together. With the conviction, that things can be done differently and better, we work from the creative industry with stakeholders, users and professionals on complex spatial tasks. Because only together do we build a sustainable future.

  • Disciplines

    We work within the disciplines of regional planning, urbanism, public space, architecture, interior architecture, and exhibition design. Over the past 25 years, we have developed specialisms in the fields of ‘place-branding’, ‘flexible urbanism’, ‘circular building’, and ‘revitalizing cultural heritage’.

  • Services

    We develop processes and products in the field of spatial environments. Our services focus on research and design, with particular attention to strategy formation and interaction formats. We work for a wide range of clients: from public authorities (municipality, region, province and state) to public-private parties (foundations, associations, institutions in the fields of care, education, social housing, culture and research) and private parties (project developers, medium/small businesses and private individuals).

  • Team

    Our founding partners are Nicole Maurer and Marc Maurer, who have formed a collective since 1998. Together, they have realized pioneering projects in architecture and spatial environments. Their joint work – including projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and China – has been published and awarded many times. Our team consists of a permanent core of professionals with a flexible shell of specialists. Depending on the nature of the task, specialists are selected and alliances are formed with partner organizations. Young design-, engineering- and research talents from the creative industry collaborate in the practical environment of Maurer United’s ‘International Learning Lab’ (LAB).

    We cooperate with a number of partner organizations, such as Chair and Institute for Urban Planning RWTH Aachen (Research and Education), Jan van Eyck Academy Maastricht (Post-academic Institute for Visual Arts), Bureau Europa Maastricht (Presentation Institution Design and Architecture) and Reicher Haase Assoziierte (Partner Office with offices in Aachen, Dortmund and Luxembourg).