We organize exchanges through various interaction formats. In dialogue, information is shared and knowledge is retrieved. This is how we develop common and sustainable values.

  • Communication

    We develop a spatial corporate identity for clients through architecture and spatial environments to suit their mission-vision. Our team can provide a total experience: from logo design to corporate identity, storytelling, campaigns, website, events, presentations, curated exhibitions and publications.

  • Intervention

    We develop spatial interventions appropriate to a target group, program and location. These interventions connect architectural principles with visual art. Examples include follies, temporary pavilions, icons, artworks in public spaces and 3D light shows projected on buildings.

  • Participation

    A sustainable future can only be built together. Organizing support for change is an important part of any spatial transformation. Content-related input from target groups is collected and support is organized by dialogue. Awareness and opinion-building around the change task is the main goal.

  • Education

    We develop educational programs for schools and public institutions. Under the name ‘International Learning Lab’, we offer a multidisciplinary learning/work platform and program for college, bachelor and master students from the creative industry.