We develop concepts and strategies for the spatial environment. Challenges are translated into place-based, layered and future-proof solution directions.

  • Knowledge

    We are experts in the field of architecture and urbanism. A multidisciplinary approach is applied in our own practice. The experience we gather is shared internally and externally, for example in the role of advisor on spatial quality committees, boards, juries, lectures, and educational programs.

  • Concept

    Based on research-by-design, we develop and deliver concepts for spatial environments. In these projects much attention is paid to design thinking, multi-criteria analysis, desk-research, and field-research, resulting in analyses and conclusions.

  • Vision

    Based on knowledge and research-by-design, we develop spatial visions in the fields of regional planning, urban planning, public space, architecture, interior architecture, and exhibition design. These visions include process strategies, spatial perspectives, design principles, guidelines, programs, and/or key projects.

  • Direction

    We direct the design and development process of projects to be realized. The quality and integrality of spatial solutions are monitored within the triangle of budget, process and content.