Nicole Maurer Lemmens

18-12-1969, Slenaken

Nicole Maurer Lemmens (NL,1969) was born in Southern Dutch Limburg. She grew up in a border region, located between Aachen (Germany), Li├Ęge (Belgium) and Maastricht (Netherlands). She studied architecture, urban planning, and building science at the Eindhoven University of Technology. She graduated cum laude in 1998. Her thesis on the relationship between identity and spatial environment, which was nominated for the National Archiprix. As a lecturer, she teaches at various academies and universities in the Netherlands and Germany. Since 2020, she has been a research associate at the RWTH Aachen Chair and Institute for Urban Planning. She is a member of several advisory committees and boards. As director, she leads Maurer United, with projects in regional planning, urbanism, public space, architecture, interior architecture and exhibition design.