We focus on spatial quality and coherence, from concept sketches to technical detail. Innovative designs come about by pushing the boundaries of professional disciplines within the creative industry.

  • Spatial Design

    We translate spatial vision and a given or developed program of requirements into a design to be realized. Usually, the process is organized linearly according to phasing from coarse to fine, starting with an initiative, feasibility, and structural design to a preliminary design and final design.

  • Technical Design

    Before a spatial design can be realized, it must be technically and structurally elaborated. Technical design drawings, execution drawings, and revision drawings are part of project engineering. Engineering plays an important role in our integrated design approach.

  • Digital Design

    We have broad ICT expertise regarding computer software for design and engineering. This is necessary to realize complex spatial issues in an interdisciplinary way in coordination with partners in the construction chain. This knowledge also enables crossovers with disciplines outside the building sector.

  • Presentation Design

    The presentation of spatial visions, designs, and intervention projects is translated into presentations through digital possibilities. Scenarios for spatial issues are imagined, visualized, and brought together textually with attention to essence, complexity and stratification, architectural dimension, and urban planning coherence.