Bron van Europa

Vaals, The Netherlands, 2019

  • Project text

    Maurer United developed a master plan for the Drielandenpunt in Vaals on behalf of the Municipality of Vaals, the Province of Limburg and Drielandenpunt BV. The central element in the urban plan is the ‘Kaleidoscope’ watchtower.

  • Scope
    Regional planning and urbanism, public space, architecture, place branding, revitalization of cultural heritage, knowledge, concept, vision, spatial design, technical design, digital design, presentation design, intervention
  • Client
    Gemeente Vaals, Provincie Limbrug
  • Design team
    Marc Maurer, Nicole Maurer, Alan Frijns, Annika Frencken
  • Collaborators
  • Photo credits
    Albert Kiefer