Guesthouse Belvédère II

Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2014

  • Project text

    This mobile pavilion is made entirely of scaffolding planks. The art commission was provided by ‘Marres Projects’ in the context of the exhibition ‘Out of Storage’. It was later moved to the then undeveloped site of the Sphinxkwartier – as a quartermaster for this new neighborhood on the former factory site.

  • Scope
    Public space, architecture, place branding, flexible urban design, spatial design, technical design, digital design, presentation design, communication, intervention
  • Client
    Marres Projects, Out of Storage
  • Design team
    Marc Maurer, Nicole Maurer, Alan Frijns, Annika Frencken
  • Collaborators
    Marres, Bureau Europa, Hupkens
  • Photo credits
    Bureau Europa