Nuth - Brunssum, The Netherlands, 2012

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  • Project text

    Maurer United was commissioned by Parkstad Limburg to develop the Mijnspoor concept, which repurposes the former mining track between Nuth and Brunssum into a recreational route for cyclists and pedestrians. The project was adopted by IBA Parkstad and renamed Leisure Lane.

  • Scope
    Regional planning and urban design, public space, place branding, revitalization of cultural heritage, concept, vision, spatial design, presentation design, communication, participation, education
  • Client
    Stadsregio Parkstad Limburg
  • Design team
    Mar Maurer, Nicole Maurer, Jasmijn Roekaerts, Alan Frijns
  • Collaborators
    Bureau Europa, Betawerk
  • Photo credits
    Maurer United Architects