MU Bowl

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2002

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  • Project text

    The skate pool ‘MU Bowl’ was Maurer United’s first participation project. The design was developed in collaboration with local skaters and students from Eindhoven University of Technology. Later, the Eindhoven skate hall ‘Area 51’ was created around the (then Europe’s largest) wooden skate pool.

  • Scope
    Interior architecture, place branding, revitalization of cultural heritage, spatial design, technical design, digital design, presentation design, intervention, participation, education
  • Client
    MU Eindhoven
  • Design team
    Marc Maurer, Nicole Maurer
  • Collaborators
    TU Eindhoven, Jocko Weyland, Marcus Kamps, Bulsink
  • Photo credits
    Maarten van Viegen