New Regional Bauhaus

Heerlen, The Netherlands, 2023

  • Project text

    The NEW REGIONAL BAUHAUS is the first completed key project of the ZL’EU spatial strategy, a project by RWTH Aachen St├Ądtebau, RHA Reicher Haase Assoziierte and Maurer United Architects. It is also the first ‘dependance’ of the RWTH Aachen in the Netherlands. Marc Maurer and Nicole Maurer Lemmens are responsible for this institute within a part-time appointment at the university.

  • Scope
  • Client
    Gemeente Heerlen, Parkstad Limburg, Provincie Limburg
  • Design team
  • Collaborators
    RHA Reicher Haase Assoziierte, RWTH Aachen St├Ądtebau
  • Photo credits
    Maurer United