residential house

Residential House

Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2023

  • Project text

    Across the street from the Henri Hermans Park in Maastricht, two semi-detached houses were transformed into a single villa. Merging such houses can present architectural challenges (like placing the front door exactly where the separating wall of the two houses is situated), but it also offers opportunities for unique and spacious living environments.


  • Scope
    Architectuur, revitalisering van cultureel erfgoed, kennis, concept, ruimtelijk ontwerp, technisch ontwerp
  • Client
    Meredith Stark + Camille Oostwegel
  • Design team
    Marc Maurer, Nicole Maurer Lemmens, Annika Frencken, Bryan Haesen
  • Collaborators
  • Photo credits
    Maurer United Architects