Superlocal Project

Kerkrade, The Netherlands, 2014-2022

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  • Project text

    In Kerkrade, 400 homes were withdrawn and 125 new social rental homes were developed in their place. The houses were built with the ambition to reuse as much material as possible, which was released during the demolition, on site.

  • Scope
    Regional planning and urban design, public space, architecture, interior architecture, exhibition design, place branding, flexible urban design, circular building, revitalization of cultural heritage, knowledge, concept, vision, direction, spatial design, technical design, digital design, presentation design, communication, participation, education
  • Client
  • Design team
    Marc Maurer, Nicole Maurer, Annika Frencken, Alan Frijns, Jasmijn Roekarts, Bryan Haesen
  • Collaborators
    Dusseldorp, Jongen
  • Photo credits
    Marc Maurer